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The grubtech flavor: dedicated innovation

Since 2019, our team of thought leaders and technology innovators have been enabling restaurateurs and cloud kitchen operators across the globe.


Our vision

Food is constantly being reimagined — but the food and beverage industry hasn’t always kept up. We’re reimagining F&B to continuously satisfy customer tastes by powering the next generation of cloud kitchens and restaurants. It’s a major win for those inside the kitchen: our platform allows them to be creators, not administrators, and unlocks new worlds of possibilities. 

Our core values

Transparency Clear insights are the key to successful kitchens and restaurants. We provide our customers with robust, reliable data so that they can maximize their revenues and better their operations.
Integrity Our platform was designed to make life easier for our clients, and our data-forward approach empowers business leaders with credible, trustworthy information.
Diversity The F&B industry is full of young and vibrant talent. We find strength in our differences and prioritize diversity as we develop a creative environment that drives us towards continuous improvement.
Unposed group of creative business people in an open concept office brainstorming their next project.

What we do

As our name suggests, we’re passionate about bringing our love of exceptional dining experiences and technological innovation together. That’s why we unite top-tier technology, data, and food tech talent under one roof to bring restaurants and cloud kitchens into the future of foodservice.

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We’re a dynamic team of engineers, data scientists, and industry leaders. We bring a fresh perspective — but at the same time, we’re drawing on 100+ years of combined expertise spanning everything from data science and food technology to logistics and eCommerce platform development.


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Streamline order lifecycles and build the cloud kitchen of your dreams with grubtech. Our all-in-one cloud platform optimizes internal processes, uncovers emerging customer needs, and unlocks new ways to increase revenue.