Dispatch Orders Ontime. With Confidence

Simply manage your orders with ease using a centralized dashboard that allows you to track, dispatch, and coordinate deliveries effortlessly. Streamline communication and coordination between your drivers and in-house staff to guarantee swift and punctual deliveries, enhancing overall efficiency in your operations.

The Air Traffic Controller, Transforming Pickup Areas Into Hubs of Efficiency.

Streamline drivers and kitchen staff operations from one dashboard. Manage and optimize dispatching speed to impress your customers.
Smoothen the workload for delivery service providers and kitchen staff.
Reduce your order-to-doorbell time, ensuring food arrives fresh and hot.
Monitor all ready-for-dispatch orders and compare with delivery success.
No more drivers crowding outside your kitchen doors.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Minimize Customer Complaints & Order Refunds

gDispatch simplifies the order pickup process for drivers by providing them with a clear view of the order details, reducing errors and ensuring efficient deliveries.
Driver-Friendly Interface: Drivers benefit from a clear, easy-to-read screen that enables them to collect the correct orders at pickup points, reducing errors and inconvenience.
Timestamp Records: The system automatically records timestamps, offering a valuable tool to address any potential delivery-related issues promptly and efficiently.
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: With minimized errors and improved order management, gDispatch contributes to an overall enhanced customer experience, reducing the likelihood of complaints and order refunds.

Capabilities of gDispatch

Driver Management
Order Assignment
Real-Time Monitoring
Feedback and Ratings
Analytics and Reporting
Dashboard mockup


Everything you need to know about the product. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our team.
What is gDispatch?
gDispatch acts like an air traffic controller for your order deliveries, efficiently managing and coordinating the flow of incoming orders from various delivery platforms, ensuring timely and smooth deliveries.
How does gDispatch handle orders from multiple delivery platforms?
gDispatch integrates seamlessly with popular delivery platforms, centralizing order information and optimizing the dispatch process based on location, order volume, and other parameters.
Can gDispatch manage in-house drivers as well as third-party platform drivers?
While the primary function is to manage orders from various delivery platforms, gDispatch is adaptable and can be configured to manage in-house drivers if needed.
How does gDispatch improve delivery times?
By streamlining the dispatch process, ensuring drivers don't overlap or wait idly, and reducing manual intervention, gDispatch aids in cutting down delivery times.
Can gDispatch adapt to sudden surges in orders?
Yes, gDispatch is designed to handle varying volumes, ensuring that even with sudden order surges, the dispatch system remains efficient.
How will gDispatch benefit a restaurant chain with multiple locations?
For restaurant chains, gDispatch offers centralized management, allowing owners to oversee deliveries from multiple locations and ensure consistency in delivery times.

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