Streamline Your Restaurant Operations with gOnline

Say goodbye to the chaos of managing orders from various online channels.Integrate all your orders, payments, and operations into one powerful dashboard. Whether it's dine-in, delivery, or takeout, manage all seamlessly.

Be In Full Control Of Your Restaurant

Master Your Restaurant’s Complex Operations and have all your processes in line and automated with gOnline. Now you can use your valuable time to focus on more strategic avenues for your restaurant.

Unified Integration Hub

Streamline every aspect of your restaurant's operations, from order to delivery, with gOnline's comprehensive integration capabilities.

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Streamlined Operations

Eliminate the need for juggling multiple devices or platforms and centralize all your orders.

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Online Food Ordering Unleashed

Harness the potential of platforms like Uber Eats, Deliveroo and many more with gOnline's integration capabilities.

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how it works

How Does gOnline Work?

Connect All Your Sales Channels

We integrate directly with the leading Food Aggregators, Self-Ordering Kiosks and Direct Ordering Platforms in the industry so you can reach more customers with just a few clicks.

Integrate your POS System

Grubtech's POS integration capabilities are unmatched! We promise our customers an easy setup experience and unparalleled convenience.

Manage Your Orders From One Screen

The days of handling numerous tablets and manually inputting online orders into the POS system are over. Manage and oversee all digital orders in one central location to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Sync Your Menu And Pricing

Effortlessly update and maintain your menus across various platforms, ensuring a consistent experience for customers.

Track Orders From Reception To Delivery

Track and manage your order status across the entire life-cycle. Time stamps at each milestone make it easy to identify any issues and optimize your processes for maximum efficiency.

Grow Your Business with Actionable Insights

Understand what gets you results: best-sellingmenu items, ingredients, sales channels and virtual brands.


Your Most Flexible Integration Partner

Connect your tools, connect your teams. With over 100 apps already available in our directory, your team’s favourite tools are just a click away.

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Everything you need to know about the product. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our team.
What is gOnline?
gOnline is a comprehensive online order management solution designed to streamline and optimize restaurant operations, from order intake to fulfillment.
How does gOnline simplify managing orders from various delivery platforms?
gOnline integrates all your delivery platforms into a unified dashboard, streamlining order processing and management.
Can gOnline handle both dine-in and delivery orders?
Yes, gOnline is designed to manage the complete lifecycle of an order, whether it's for dine-in, takeaway, or delivery.
How does gOnline ensure order accuracy?
From the moment a customer places an order to its dispatch for delivery, gOnline oversees the entire process, coordinating with other Grubtech modules like gKitchen to ensure order efficiency and accuracy.
Is gOnline compatible with my existing POS system?
gOnline is designed with flexibility in mind and can seamlessly integrate with many popular POS systems. Please contact our support team for specifics about your POS.
How does gOnline improve kitchen efficiency?
gOnline sends order details directly to gKitchen, ensuring chefs and their teams receive real-time updates about what needs to be prepared, leading to better kitchen workflow and efficiency.

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