Streamline Your Restaurant's Digital Operations

Connect. Deliver. Optimize your entire restaurant through one dashboard From Order to Delivery
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Streamline Your Restaurant Workflows with gOnline

Looking for consistent growth, not just a one-time high-volume sales week?

gOnline is more than a software, it's an integration partnership that helps you start right away with minimal effort, binding all your existing software in to one performance dashboard.

Connect All Your Sales Channels

We integrate directly with the leading Food Aggregators, Self-Ordering Kiosks and Direct Ordering Platforms in the industry so you can reach more customers with just a few clicks.

Connect All Sales Channel

Integrate your POS System

Grubtech's POS integration capabilities are unmatched! We promise our customers an easy setup experience and unparalleled convenience.

Integrate POS System

Manage Your Orders From One Screen

The days of handling numerous tablets and manually inputting online orders into the POS system are over. Manage and oversee all digital orders in one central location to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Manage Your Orders

Sync Your Menu And Pricing

Effortlessly update and maintain your menus across various platforms, ensuring a consistent experience for customers.

Sync Your Menu

Track Orders From Reception To Delivery

Track and manage your order status across the entire life-cycle. Time stamps at each milestone make it easy to identify any issues and optimize your processes for maximum efficiency.

Track Orders

Grow Your Business with Actionable Insights

Understand what gets you results: best-sellingmenu items, ingredients, sales channels and virtual brands.

Grow your business
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The Ultimate Restaurant Software

All Your Restaurant Touchpoints On One Platform

Your Restaurant's Heartbeat

gOnline streamlines your entire restaurant business, integrating all your orders, payments, and operations into one unified dashboard. Whether it's dine-in, delivery, or takeout, manage all seamlessly.

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Real-Time Order Display

A Kitchen Display System that helps manage each of your kitchen stations with ease by displaying incoming orders clearly and quickly, helping chefs stay organized. This means fewer mistakes, faster food preparation times, and happier customers.

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Enhance Order Routing

gKitchen is capable of efficiently handling every kitchen station, seamlessly coordinating orders across multiple channels for quick preparation, ensuring fast and quality service.

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Delivery Order Optimization

gDispatch is your go-to dashboard for centralized order tracking, dispatch, and coordination of deliveries.

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Advanced Restaurant Analytics

gData transforms your restaurant's data into cutting-edge insights, empowering you to make next-level decisions for accelerated growth

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Your Most Flexible Integration Partner

Connect your tools, connect your teams. With over 100 apps already available in our directory, your team’s favourite tools are just a click away.

Built To Serve All Your Teams

Efficiency Boost

Streamline the order process from kitchen to delivery, minimizing delays and improving your team’s productivity.

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Real-Time Tracking

Our platform offers live order tracking, allowing Operations to monitor the progress of each delivery for optimal efficiency.

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User-Friendly Interface

The intuitive design requires minimal training, allowing staff to easily navigate and utilize operational features.

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Strategic Insights

Access comprehensive reports and analytics, providing Management with critical data to make informed and strategic decisions.

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Centralized Control

Manage all delivery platforms from a single dashboard, reducing complexity and allowing your operations team to have better control over the entire process.

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Multi-Platform Integration

Integrate with various third-party applications, to enhance operational and management functionality.

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Seamless Integration

Our technology easily collaborates with your existing software, making workflows smooth and hassle-free.

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Secure & Compliant

We prioritize security, ensuring that your data is protected, and the system complies with relevant industry standards and regulations.

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Technical Support

With dedicated support, IT teams can resolve issues swiftly, ensuring that the platform runs seamlessly at all times.

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Transparent Reporting

The platform offers detailed financial reporting, providing clarity on sales, expenses, and profits for accurate and efficient bookkeeping.

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Automated Invoicing

We simplify the billing process with automatic invoice generation, reducing manual errors.

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Customer Data Insights

Marketers can access valuable customer data to understand buying behaviors, preferences, and trends, aiding in the creation of targeted marketing strategies.

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Campaign Management

Easily plan and execute marketing campaigns through preferred systems by integrating them to our platform and track their performance in real-time.

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Everything you need to know about the product. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our team.
What is Grubtech?
Grubtech streamlines restaurant operations, simplifying food delivery and enhancing customer experiences.
How can Grubtech benefit my restaurant?
Grubtech improves operational efficiency, seamlessly integrates with popular delivery platforms, manages inventory in real-time, and optimizes delivery processes, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and profitability.
Does it work with popular delivery apps like UberEats?
Yes! Grubtech smoothly connects with major delivery platforms to manage all orders.
How does it differ from other ordering platforms?
Grubtech offers a holistic solution, not just an ordering platform. From real-time kitchen management to analytics, it covers the entire restaurant operation ecosystem.
Can I use it for multiple restaurant locations?
Absolutely! Grubtech is designed to scale with your business, making it perfect for managing multiple outlets.

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