Transform Your Kitchen Stations With KDS Technology!

Discover a world of culinary precision, where each dish is crafted to perfection under the vigilant eyes of our sophisticated Kitchen Display System, KDS.

A Bird’s Eye View Of Your Kitchen

Our Kitchen Display System is designed to revolutionize the cooking process in your kitchen. Presenting real-time data on orders and processes, allowing chefs and kitchen staff to work with unmatched accuracy and efficiency, KDS helps your chefs produce dishes that are not only exquisite but also consistently precise.
Your digital alternative to traditional order tickets, enabling smoother workflow and reduced human error.
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Say Hello To The Future of Cooking

From perfecting each dish to ensuring prompt deliveries, the KDS is your partner in achieving a kitchen that is not just efficient but also reliably consistent in churning out culinary delights.

Enhanced Accuracy

With KDS, you can bid farewell to human errors. The system ensures that each dish is crafted with precision, strictly adhering to the specified standards and recipes, which is crucial for maintaining consistency in taste and presentation.

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Smooth Operations

Real-time data and order display provided by the KDS facilitate a smooth and efficient workflow within the kitchen. With timely order completion and a seamless cooking process, your kitchen’s operational efficiency will witness a significant boost.

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Instant Updates & Notifications

Stay abreast of all orders and necessary updates with instant notifications provided by the KDS. This feature allows for effective planning and prioritization of tasks by chefs, ensuring that every order is prepared and delivered in a timely and organized manner.

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Why KDS?

With Station-specific displays, you can route specific orders to the appropriate station for clarity.
Timer feature notifies chefs of preparation times and alert for delays.
When a chef completes and taps when dishes are ready, it updates the next station or gKitchen - your Master KDS.

gKitchen: Your Master KDS

Engineered with online ordering and assembly points in mind, gKitchen takes the game up a notch, meticulously breaking down orders per item, directing them to different stations or kitchens within your restaurant. This ensures that each component of a dish receives the attention it deserves from the respective experts in each station through their KDS.
With gKitchen, every dish is a symphony of perfectly coordinated efforts, resulting in a masterpiece that is delivered promptly to your customer's table or doorstep.
Learn more about our uniquely developed Kitchen Display System.
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Everything you need to know about the product. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our team.
What is a Kitchen Display System (KDS)?
A KDS is a modern alternative to printed order tickets. Using digital screens in the kitchen, it visually communicates orders to the culinary team, ensuring real-time updates and greater efficiency.
How will KDS help my kitchen?
KDS offers a streamlined approach to managing orders. By displaying orders clearly and updating in real-time, it reduces order processing time, minimizes errors, and ensures better coordination among your kitchen staff.
Is it hard to switch from paper to a screen?
Transitioning is made smooth with our intuitive design. While there's always a learning curve, most teams appreciate the real-time updates and visual clarity, which paper tickets can't offer.
Can KDS work with my ordering system?
Definitely. Our KDS is designed to integrate seamlessly with systems like gOnline and other major platforms, centralizing your orders in one visual hub.
Is the KDS easy to use?
We've designed it with simplicity in mind. Clear visual cues and organized layouts make it user-friendly even for those less familiar with technology.
How does KDS handle busy times?
During rush hours, KDS shines by prioritizing and organizing orders, ensuring a consistent flow, and reducing bottlenecks, which are common with traditional systems.

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