Make Your Deliveries, Exceptional

Eliminate manual riders’ assignments, manage your fleet, send automatic order details and delivery locations at order placements and track riders' check-ins and outs.
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Make Every Minute Count

Time is crucial to quality. With gFleet, you can rest assured that your orders are delivered smooth, fast, and fresh. Manage and track in-house fleets, convey order and location info automatically to riders and improve customer satisfaction when you deliver quality food, on time, every time.
Sync order delivery data with your in-house riders automatically.
Keep riders alert for pickup by giving them access to order live status.
Use driver scorecards to motivate drivers' performance.


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What is gFleet?
gFleet optimizes driver management for restaurants, enhancing delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction.
How can gFleet enhance my restaurant's delivery operations?
gFleet provides tools for real-time tracking, driver performance analytics, and route optimization, ensuring efficient and timely deliveries.
Can I monitor individual driver performance with gFleet?
Yes, gFleet offers detailed analytics on each driver, allowing you to gauge their efficiency, reliability, and customer feedback.
Is real-time tracking a feature of gFleet?
Absolutely. With gFleet, both restaurants and customers can track the delivery status in real-time, ensuring transparency and timely updates.
Is gFleet compatible with other Grubtech solutions?
Definitely! gFleet is designed to work seamlessly with other Grubtech offerings, providing an integrated experience for restaurant operations.
Does gFleet integrate with existing delivery platforms?
Yes, gFleet seamlessly works alongside popular delivery platforms, providing a unified solution for comprehensive driver management.

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