Run your entire restaurant from one POS

Modern and user-friendly POS that can run on any device. Use gPOS to seamlessly connect with online food ordering channels and punch in phone and dine-in orders

Join thousands of rapidly growing restaurants with Grubtech

One POS to keep you always in control


Maximize your revenue and grow your business all through gPOS


Get all your tasks and operations done -- and look good doing it


Access all your data through the cloud from anywhere, at anytime, from any device


Empowering your restaurant operations

All the features you need to run your entire restaurant and master your operations. Made by experts in the F&B industry to eliminate all gaps

Manage all orders from one place

Grow your business and connect your POS directly with food delivery applications, phone orders, dine in orders and direct online ordering channels with Grubtech platform

Directly integrated with all your favorite applications without any 3rd party tools

Multi-brand capable; Operate multiple brands from one kitchen, one device, seamlessly

All the features you need 

Equipped with all the features you need to run your entire restaurant and master your operations

Cloud-based; Access your restaurant's data, anywhere and anytime

Offline-mode; Take orders, accept payments, and print receipts, no matter what issues your internet may be facing at that moment

Bill splitting by the number of guests, or the items ordered; ; no more time wasted on calculating, counting, and receiving payments

Data & Insights

Detailed analytics that can be accessed from anywhere, and on any device

Single screen performance clarification across locations

Hourly sale distribution for the number of orders and order values

Manage your employees shifts, performance, and reports.

Order History report - Closed register report - Flash sales report- Voids report - Sales by server report - Hourly sales report & Discounts report

Easy, modern and user-friendly

A Point of Sale system to empower your entire restaurant staff and run everything smoothly

Simple, quick, and efficient set-up; easy to learn, and easy to use

Deployment is as easy as downloading the app, and getting started 

Continuously getting updated based on feedback and the ultimate user experience

"Grubtech has been a key partner in the launch and operation of our first cloud kitchen in the provides our tenants with the tools to efficiently operate multiple brands out of one location, maximizing kitchen capacity and order throughput."

Joe Frem

VP of Cloud Kitchens and Concepts at Delivery Hero

“Grubtech’s user-friendly and intuitive interface meant that our staff required minimal training…by operating more efficiently, with cost savings, we are able to better serve our customers and increase repeat orders.”

Hilmar Venter

Regional F&B Delivery Manager of the Azadea Group

“Grubtech has automated manual and time-consuming processes for us, from order receipt to delivery. This has enabled us to create micro cloud kitchens within our existing real estate footprint to serve multiple virtual brands from one location.”

Rodolph Njeim

CCO at Eathos

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