A kitchen display system to master food quality and speed

Seamlessly connect your entire operation, from the front-of-house, to back-of-house, through a single screen. Control all stations in your kitchen, manage and decompose orders from all channels for quicker prep, and track drivers' arrival and dispatch times for better food quality and speed


Essential integrations to run your entire kitchen

Streamline orders from all channels, automatically break them down to different stations in your kitchen to enhance order prep time and more


Because it shouldn’t be complicated.


To keep your operation smooth


With all the solutions you need for the best quality of food and service

Balance kitchen workflow

Predefine recipes, modifiers, or ingredients instantly across all channels

Orders are automatically decomposed and sent to kitchen stations

Comes in ticket formats with prep countdown to cook quality food in time

Track driver arrival time to get food ready for dispatch the second he walks in

Automated order live status updates from placement to door delivery

Easily handle out-of-stock and equipment failure

Manage unlimited brands

With 3 levels of order routing, connect brands, categories, or recipes to certain stations for seamless order management

Orders will enter their dedicated, predefined station based on brand, recipe or category

Handle and monitor all exceptions and enable or disable menu items and modifiers at any time

Streamline kitchen operations

Digitizing your whole kitchen flow keeps everything saved on the cloud

Leave no space for losing order tickets or staff performance data

Streamline front and back of kitchen communications - everything is visible for everyone

Drivers access order live statuses to know the second is ready for dispatch

Prioritize orders based on color coded tickets

Streamline orders from your website, mobile app, and food ordering channels

"Grubtech has been a key partner in the launch and operation of our first cloud kitchen in the region...it provides our tenants with the tools to efficiently operate multiple brands out of one location, maximizing kitchen capacity and order throughput."

Joe Frem

VP of Cloud Kitchens and Concepts at Delivery Hero

“Grubtech’s user-friendly and intuitive interface meant that our staff required minimal training…by operating more efficiently, with cost savings, we are able to better serve our customers and increase repeat orders.”

Hilmar Venter

Regional F&B Delivery Manager of the Azadea Group

“Grubtech has automated manual and time-consuming processes for us, from order receipt to delivery. This has enabled us to create micro cloud kitchens within our existing real estate footprint to serve multiple virtual brands from one location.”

Rodolph Njeim

CCO at Eathos

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