Types of Receipts

You can choose between two different types of receipts:

  • Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT): prints out only list of items required for preparation by the station.
  • Complete order receipt: prints out the full receipt which can be attached to the package after an order is completed.

Please Note: By default, a KDS station prints a KOT. If you would like to enable the printer to print a Complete Order receipt, follow the next steps:

  • Choose Configure Printer from the left side menu options.
  • Activate the Print Complete Order button
    • When the toggle button is blue, the full receipt will be printed.
    • When the toggle button is grey, the full receipt will be deactivated and the printer will print the KOT.
  • When you complete the adjustments, LOGOUT from the button on the top right side to return to your Orders Screen.  

KDS - Print complete order - blue