GrubKDS Orders Screen Description

The Orders Screen consists of the top bar and the left side bar:

Top Bar (from left to right)

  • The name of the active station and the KDS ID (Activation code).
  • Live: to view incoming and live kitchen order tickets (KOTs).
  • On Hold: a tab to view KOTs that have been put on hold.
  • Completed/Cancelled: a tab to view KOTs that have been completed or cancelled.
  • Settings: the settings cogwheel is used to log in to Settings Panel.

Left Side Bar (from top to bottom)

  • Ordered Dishes: total ordered dishes across all the orders received at the station but not yet completed.
  • Version number: the version of GrubKDS deployed.
  • KDS Connection Status: displays the health of the KDS device’s internet connectivity.

new kds screen