Connect a Printer to a KDS.

To connect one or more printers to the same KDS:

  • Choose Configure Printer from the left side menu options of the settings panel.
  • Click on Add Printer.
  • Select Printer Type according to your requirements:
    • Connect through IP Address
      • Select Connect Through IP Address and click Next.
      • Fill in the Printer IP Address and Port number which is 8008.
      • Click Connect

You can also see printers that have been connected in the past and connect them again directly by clicking on Connect Printer.

    • Connect via USB
      • Select Connect via USB cable
      • Click Next.
      • The system will immediately identify the printer and connect to it automatically.
    • Connect via Bluetooth (will be applicable in the near future) 
      • Connect via Bluetooth.
      • Click Next.
      • Turn the printer Bluetooth on so that the KDS can automatically detect the printer and connect to it.

Please note💡: This feature does not work at the moment, however will be applicable soon.

    • Connect via SUNMI Built-in Printer
      • If you are using a device with a built in printer, click on Connect via SUNMI in-Built.
      • Click Next
      • Your printer will be automatically connected and ready to print an order.

Once a printer is connected, a message will appear providing you with the option to print a test page if required.

KDS - Configure Printer